Is Ageless Male Effective?

Ageless Male

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Public Support On Marijuana Legalization Growing Immense


Legalization of marijuana is one the most controversial subjects that is troubling the Obama administration and the federal authorities. Recently, more than 18 states in the United States legalized marijuana use under their jurisdictions, where many other states are on the verge of implementing regulatory measures on marijuana use. Oregon marijuana laws are likely to be implemented by next year passing a marijuana legalization bill similar to Colorado and Washington. The federal laws on marijuana consider it as a Schedule I drug, harmful and illegal under the Controlled Substances Act. However, the loophole in the regulatory laws was provided by the DEA, when it allowed the states to permit medical marijuana inside their boundaries if the voters support it. Voters in Colorado and Washington supported the marijuana legalization bill that allows recreational pot use to adults over the age 21, and now, Oregon is looking forward to the same. Oregon

Marijuana Cultivation, Tips And Tricks


As eighteen states in the country have legalized the use of medical cannabis, numerous grow-ups have risen in these states. These laws, like the marijuana laws in California allow the patients or their caretakers to grow medical cannabis either indoor or outdoor. Here arises the important question, how do you grow marijuana? In this article, we will give you tips and guidelines on how to grow marijuana and get the best yield. However, keep in mind that marijuana laws in California are different from the marijuana laws in Washington. Therefore, cultivate them only as per the rules in your state. Cultivate marijuana indoor or outdoor Marijuana plants grow outdoors and indoors. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages for each of these conditions. We will find out more below. When you grow cannabis indoors, you can protect the plant from sudden variations in the climatic conditions, like the change

Tips For Cannabis Harvesting

harvesting cannabis

Eighteen states in the country along with the District of Columbia have made medical weed legal and among these states, many of them have authorized the patients or their caretakers to grow cannabis for their use. Even though the marijuana laws in all these states differ, all these states allow the nurture of cannabis in some form. It is important to know the ideal conditions for harvesting cannabis, as this is the most important stage of cannabis farming. After all your hard work to nurture your cannabis plant, finally you reach the phase of harvesting cannabis. This is the most interesting and entertaining stage of weed farming. It is very important that you do the harvesting process at the most appropriate time. This is found out by the variations in pistil colors. The most suitable time to harvest cannabis is when the pistil color changes from white to orange and

Limitations Of Washington State Marijuana Laws

Washington state marijuana laws

The state of Washington has legalized the use of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes. However, one thing to be remembered is that the power of the Washington state marijuana laws is extended only up to the state borders and not beyond that. The borders are under federal jurisdiction and hence the state laws will not be applicable there. This less thought about fact got media and public attention when a few Canadian citizens were recently denied entry to the state of Washington by the Federal officials at the border. The Canadians, believing in the new laws of Washington, thought it was legal to enter the state with possession of marijuana. However, since marijuana possession is still considered a punishable offense by the Federal law, the Canadians were denied entry by the immigration and border patrol. A lawyer hired regularly by Canadians, Len Saunders elaborated on the topic saying,

California Supreme Court Ruling To Help Ban Medical Marijuana Shops

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The marijuana laws in California are the most liberal of its kind in the country. Owing to these relaxed rules, California saw a number of pot dispensaries sprouting and growing in many parts of the state in the past decade and a half. The increase in the number of dispensaries eventually resulted in unrestricted access to pot. Partial responsibility of such a phenomenon can be attributed to the failure of the state in formulating and implementing proper regulatory rules for the sale and distribution of the drug. A notable change in the situation happened when some communities decided that enough is enough and started protesting against the uncontrolled operation of pot dispensaries in their locality. The Federal government also aided these communities in shutting down the marijuana dispensaries by cracking down on them. Since marijuana remains illegal under the Federal law, the U.S. attorneys have issued warnings to property owners

Marijuana Laws In Mendocino County, California

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California became the first state in the United States to legalize medical marijuana in the year 1997. Though marijuana legalization has always been a disputing issue, many states have followed the steps of California, and implemented medical marijuana laws under their authority. Today, overall eighteen states in the United States have legalized medical marijuana deviating from the federal law on marijuana that considers it harmful and illegal for use, under the Controlled Substances Act ruled out in 1970. Despite the fact that all these states have acted against the federal laws in one accord, marijuana laws by states vary from each other in many aspects. Marijuana laws in California allow the local governing authorities to implement regulatory messieurs on pot cultivation, distribution, and use inside their local boundaries. This provision in the marijuana law makes each Californian county and city legislature eligible to either allow or ban the marijuana use,

The New Washington DUI Laws And Its Impacts

Washington state marijuana laws

Until the Initiative 502 was passed by the state of Washington, anyone who drives a motor vehicle under the influence of marijuana in the state was prosecuted with the same DUI laws, which was used for other drugs like alcohol. With the new Washington state marijuana laws, it is an offence to drive a motor vehicle with more than the allowed limit of THC in your blood. The law also sets aside funds for the effective implementation of the law. According to the proposals of the new law, you cannot drive a motor vehicle if the THC content in your blood exceeds 0.5 nanogram. A competent authority would confirm the measure of THC in your blood. Once found guilty of the charges, you will receive the same penalties as one caught under an alcohol DUI law. It does not matter whether you have taken a prescription pill or an over

Marijuana DUI Bill To Become Law In Colorado

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The states of Washington and Colorado both legalized the use of recreational marijuana in last November. But the legalization came with a lot of associated responsibilities that had to be taken care of by both the state governments. The states had to make sure that the legalization did not result in the misuse of the drug and its derivatives. More stringent marijuana laws by state had to be formulated and implemented to this effect. One among the major restrictions for marijuana users in these states was setting a legal limit for the content of THC in the blood of regular marijuana users, while they are driving. The state of Washington has already passed laws to realize this restriction throughout the state. The marijuana DUI bill of Washington has set the legal impairment limit at 5 nanograms of THC in blood. Colorado’s effort to pass the same law has not been

Colorado To Impose Tax On Recreational Marijuana Sales

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Marijuana has been legalized in more than 18 states in the United States, which have approved the use of pot featuring its medical benefits. Though the federal laws on marijuana consider it illegal, and as harmful as any other narcotic drugs, the DEA provided a provision for the states to approve medical marijuana use where the voters support the move. However, the states of Colorado and Washington became the first two states to legalize recreational use of marijuana for adult residents over 21 years of age. Marijuana laws by state of Colorado, Amendment 64, allows pot users to possess up to an ounce, and cultivate up to a maximum of six marijuana plants at their home. Furthermore, two bills, House Bill 1317 and 1318, were passed by the Colorado state legislature recently, which propose to control pot sales inside the state boundaries. The bills, if signed by the governor, aim